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About Eumed Fertility

You are under the care of the most experienced and qualified fertility specialist at Eumed Fertility Centre.


Our Treatments

(IUI) Intra uterine insemination or Artificial Insemination

With Artificial Insemination (A), we insert the sperm we selected from a sample into the uterus. To increase chances of pregnancy, we hormonally stimulate the ovaries and control ovulation in order to know what the best time for insemination is.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

In Vitro Fertilization is a laboratory technique that allows us to fertilize an egg with a sperm outside the uterus.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection ICSI

We inseminate an egg by the microinjection of a sperm cell, thus favouring fertilization and reducing the chances of fertilization failures.

Blastocyst culture and transfer

Blastocyst culture involves keeping the embryos in special conditions in the laboratory until day 5 or 6 of development after follicular puncture.

Egg vitrification

It involves the flash freezing of these cells with minimal damage being done to them and with a high survival rate after devitrification and subsequent use.

Assisted Hatching

Involves the thinning of the zona pellucida of the embryos prior to their transfer into the uterus. Your biologist will determine the best moment to do it and thus increase the chances of implantation.

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis PGT-M

It is performed in cases in which there is a family history of genetic diseases in the parents that could be inherited by future babies. By means of an embryo biopsy and the subsequent genetic study of the embryos, those that are free of disease will be transferred.

Embryology Lab

We have a Highly Advanced Embryology Lab equiped with world class technology. Our Laboratory has Air Handling Unit (AHO), *Laminar Air Flow, Antimicrobial Bioclad which keeps Highest sterile Conditions.

Fertility Preservation

Egg freezing freezing is a Laboratory technique that preserves your Current chances of pregnancy until the time when you decide to become a mother. We are capable of preserving your male sperm, female egg and also Embryos.

What is our healthcare model?

We are acknowledged for practising medicine based on medical excellence and scientific evidence, which has an impact on the way we exercise our profession and is characterized by:

  • Talking clearly with patients about the appropriate treatments for their case.

  • Supporting patients throughout the process of fulfilling their dream in the strict observance of what is medically indicated while respecting the way in which patients feel most comfortable when giving shape to their project.

  • Transparency in what can be expected from each treatment and not generating false hopes after applying them.

  • Prudence when it comes to indicating techniques or treatments with doubtful benefit for the patient, basically when they involve an added cost for them in any way.

  • Getting away from sensation- seeking and fads when promoting or explaining our ability to treat our patients, avoiding false expectations and avoiding communication of an excessively commercial nature, especially in regard to the donation of gametes.

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Meet Our Medical Team

Deepak Pradeep

MHART (Mater in Human Assisted Reproductive Technologies), UPF Barcelona,Spain Member ESHRE

Consultant in Reproductive Medicine & Clinical Embryologist

Dr K Sudhakar


Gynacologist & Infertility Specialist

Dr P Anitha


Consultant in Reproductive Medicine & Clinical Embryologist

Dr Staney Rex


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